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Reasoner & Bjra - Diffuse It Reasoner & Bjra - Diffuse It

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The piano and strings in the background really help to emphasize the beat, brings a really intense mood to the song in my opinion :D
Great job! 10/10

(GM) .Sleep. (GM) .Sleep.

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Awesome beat

Nice drum beat, it really kicks up the beat to the song.
Helps me stay awake too lol 10/10

GrimmMethods responds:


-=| Here come the Planes |=- -=| Here come the Planes |=-

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Very well done, the piano melody is mesmerizing.
However, the only problem I have with it, is that around 1:52 sounds very out of place. Playing the song in the background I guess I was able to catch it easier, but for me it sounds out of tune.
Thats just my opinion however! :) Great song! 10/10

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